About reFLEX

Quality Customization

reFLEX can be personalized with custom designs, logos, and patterns. Your unique design will be cut into your reFLEX on our innovative, in-house CNC machine to ensure the highest-quality product. Available in a variety of styles and colors, reFLEX can also be trimmed to a selected size and thickness. Laser engraving is also available!

Surface Value

Teak on traditional boat decks wear over time, while textures and non-skid paints on fiberglass boats can be tough to clean and a magnet for mold. reFLEX decking is a safe and superior solution, made of PE foam. Excellent UV and chemical protection with minimal water absorption.

Inner Strength

reFLEX offers more heat tolerance and less shrinkage than its peers, without using hazardous materials. It reduces noise, and its proven tensile strength lets it handle weight that would stretch and tear lesser foams. It’s sturdy enough to help you keep your footing when cruising, yet comfortable enough for kicking back once the anchor is dropped.

Installation Pros

Factory trained and certified. reFLEX installers have worked on everything from speed boats to luxury yachts, schooners to cabin cruisers. They come to you to take measurements and quote the project, and once accepted, the job is performed using marine-grade 3M peel-and-stick adhesives for quick and easy installation. Also available in snap in versions.

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