What is reFLEX?

A durable UV-resistant and easy-to-clean marine foam padding, reFLEX is made to withstand the rigors of water and any weather condition. Manufactured from closed-cell Polyethylene (PE) foam, reFLEX offers a high-grip, non-slip surface that teak covering on traditional boats and molded textures and non-skid paints on modern fiberglass boats simply can’t match. reFLEX comes in a wide variety of colors, combinations and custom patterns and graphics to fit all types of applications.

Why is reFLEX better?

reFLEX products are warranted to be free from any defects at the time of purchase and come with a 3 year material and workmanship warranty.

Does reFLEX carry a warranty?

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What is truGRAIN?

reFLEX with truGRAIN is our exclusive finishing technique. Through our in-house processing and fabrication, we apply truGRAIN to our foam products to provide a better look, feel, stability and performance that leaves the competition in our wake.

How is reFLEX applied?

Perfect padding is just a peel and stick away! reFLEX is manufactured with 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that makes application quick and easy, with no mess. Once applied, 3M adhesive strength makes it stay put regardless of water, winds, and speed.

Can reFLEX be applied over existing surface traction methods?

Certainly! Adhering reFLEX padding over non-skid paints and molded textures is no problem as long as the surface is properly prepped and cleaned prior to installation.

What is the best way to clean reFLEX?

reFLEX is low maintenance, so you don’t need anything more than hot water, soap, and a good, stiff brush! Prefer to use a household product? reFLEX can handle Soft Scrub, Simple Green, 409, and even bleach. Harsh acid-based cleaners, such as MaryKate Hull Cleaner, are not recommended.

How much does reFLEX cost?

Each custom reFLEX job is individually priced based on your design. Please contact us to get your custom pricing information.

Can you do custom designs/logos?

ABSOLUTELY! reFLEX has the ability to cut, router and laser all types of graphics, logos and patterns and we are constantly updating our library of designs as we continue to push the envelope of innovation. Please note that written approval will be required to produce any copyrighted materials.

What sizes does reFLEX come in?

reFLEX comes in sheets that measure 40” x 80”. Depending on your boat’s measurements, this can be cut down prior to installation ensuring a perfect fit.

How long will reFLEX last?

In the harshest conditions, reFLEX can be expected to last at a minimum 5 years. However, if the reFLEX floor is properly cared for and covered, it can last much longer.

Does reFLEX get hot?

As with any product that can be exposed to direct sunlight, reFLEX materials can become warm. Darker colors will naturally become warmer in the sun; however, reFLEX will not become too hot to stand on and dispels heat very quickly thanks to its structure and chemistry.

Will reFLEX stain?

Independent third-party testing shows that reFLEX with truGRAIN finish outperforms the competition when it comes to being stain resistant. However, all spills and accidents should be cleaned in a timely manner as some oils, fuels, and other harsh substances can become problematic if not cleaned promptly. Attention to these types of accidents will keep your reFLEX looking new for a long time.